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"Craniosacral therapy has relieved the suffering of sinus congestion.  As a result, I'm no longer using a saline solution daily. I'm also experiencing greater mobility in my neck from an injury decades ago. I look forward to my monthly maintenance treatment now that my health has improved". J. R., Glendora

"Initially I was very afraid of having needles inserted. Maria is very sensitive, gentle and understanding. Much of the time I am relaxed and hardly notice she has put a needle in. Sometimes I ask "did you already put a needle in?". Maria has treated my back spasms several times. Before treatment I would be unable to stand straight and my back would grip in agony. After treatment not only was my back more relaxed but my entire body was feeling more alive and energetic. Overall the results have been outstanding. Maria has treated me for a variety of issues including sore muscles, digestive problems, fatigue and anxiety. She is extremely client-focused and is dedicated to the optimum outcome for anyone in her care.". R.W, Los Angeles

"I have had massage and craniosacral for a number of years and the experience has been awesome". C.N., Glendora

"I first began treatments with Maria for injuries related to being rear-ended in a car accident. I suffered from acute neck and back pain, limited movement and tingling sensations. Maria's acupuncture treatment provided immediate temporary relief from the pain and tingling and after each successive treatment the relief lasted longer until my injury was healed. Her precise placement of acupuncture needles removed the muscle tension that was pulling my spine out of alignment and pressing on nerves. This series of treatments was so successful that I continued regular sessions with Maria for health issues related to my breast cancer diagnosis. In addition to acupuncture, Maria has successfully administered CrainoSacral Therapy, cupping, chinese herbs and essential oils. Together we have focused on areas such as energy blocks, detoxing the body, yin/yang balance, diet and deficiencies. I consider my weekly sessions with Maria to be an integral part of my healthcare and would recommend her to anyone experiencing a health imbalance." C.J. Redlands

"I had my first craniosacral therapy several months ago. I was truly amazed on how I felt after the session; peaceful, calm and relaxed, especially since Maria’s touch was so gentle to my body. Maria was able to speak about a knee injury I had several years prior, but I  had never mentioned my fall to her." D.C., Montclair

"Maria is a truly gifted practitioner and was able to alleviate my pain with just a few visits. The acupuncture sessions were all pain free, gentle and extremely relaxing. I highly recommend her." P.N., Santa Barbara

"Maria's massage and cranial sacral therapy have been a part of my health regimen for more than ten years: both were very helpful to me. Recently, I added Maria's acupuncture treatments to my health "tune-up" program.  I love how relaxed, clear-minded and healthy I feel after each session. I look forward to the acupuncture sessions knowing her needling is the most gentle I have ever experienced." J. S., Chino Hills






Glendora Traditional Chinese MedicineNothing is more important than reconnecting with your bliss. Nothing is as rich. Nothing is more real.
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  Maria Redinger, L.Ac., Dipl. O.M. (NCCAOM)